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Product & Services

Credit Cards

MACU’s card options can save you money and provide additional benefits.


MACU checking accounts are backed by our commitment to convenience, customer service and account security.

Credit Card Payments

Make a payment on your credit card. 

Kasasa® Cash

Get an above-market interest rate with Kasasa® Cash

Kasasa® Cash Back

Earn 4% back on your purchases with Kasasa® Cash Back

Kasasa® Tunes

Get rewarded for your purchases at Amazon®, iTunes® and Google Play™ with Kasasa® Tunes.

Vacation Loan

Take the vacation you've been dreaming of with a MACU Vacation Loan. 

Auto Loans

You know that new car or truck you’ve been dreaming about? With a MACU low APR auto loan, you can turn your dreams into reality.

Member Events

We love our members, and we love showing them just how much we appreciate them.

Pet Expense Loan

At MACU, we understand the stresses that can come from unexpected pet medical bills.  That's why we offer our MACU Pet Medical Expense Loan.

Growing Families Loan

Help your growing family with a MACU Growing Family Loan.

Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC)

Fund your home renovations with a HELOC Loan from MACU. You can borrow as much or as little as you need up to your pre-set limit.

Home Equity Loan

With MACU home equity loan, you can use the equity in your home and borrow just what you need.

Wedding Loan

Stop stressing about how you're going to pay for your dream wedding with a MACU Wedding Loan.

Medical Loan

Get on the road to recovery with a MACU Medical Loan.


IDProtect provides the protection for you and your joint account holders, all for only $2.00 a month.

Signature Loan

MACU Signature Loans are fixed-rate, fixed-term loans that are not secured by collaterol. 

Tax Relief Loan

Pay down your tax debt with a MACU Tax Relief Loan.

Money Market Accounts & CDs

Money market accounts are interest-bearing and typically pay higher interest rates and provides limited check-writing ability. CDs offer fixed rates and short or long-terms savings.

RV, Boat & Motorcycle Loans

With our quick and easy online approval process, you’ll be living your dream in no time.


Our student member enjoy the same perks and resources as all other MACU members.

Teen Banking

Checking and savings accounts designed for teens 13-17 to learn to manage money responsibly.

Online Banking

Take advantage of all MACU has to offer with the MACU Mobile app, Online Banking portal and numerous online tools.

Shared Branching

No matter where they are, our members have access to their accounts at thousands of locations nationwide through a network of credit unions.

Limited-Time Promos

Take advantage of these limited-time MACU promotions!

MACU Rates

Access MACU loan and deposit rates

MACU Newsletters

Stay up to date on all things MACU via our newsletter Members Memos.

Insurance Options (Property, Casualty & Auto)

Protect what you've worked so hard to earn! Work with our insurance partners for peace of mind and superior service.


Enjoy payment freedom with the MACU Skip-A-Pay program.


Whether you’re saving for college, a new home or retirement, MACU’s savings accounts can assist you on your path to success.

Mortgage Loans

With our preferred partner, CU Mortage Service, we will walk you through the mortgage process. Click for more info on rates, calculators online apps and more.

Great Smile Loans

Get the orthodontic, cosmetic, or restorative procedure you need, and let your smile be the first thing people notice about you.