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Members Advantage Credit Union donates $1,500 to Michigan City Salvation Army

Members Advantage Credit Union (MACU) recently donated $1,500 to Michigan City’s Salvation Army. The money will help further the Salvation Army’s mission in Michigan City, which includes, among other outreaches, helping feed nearly 800 local families.

Tax Relief Loan

A low-interest $1,000 MACU tax relief loan can ease your tax burden and keep you from paying tax bills with high-interest credit cards, and you have 12 months to pay it off! 

Wipe Out Holiday Debt

Need a little help getting out from under holiday debt? Consolidate your debt into one payment and take advantage of low-interest rates.

MACU College Scholarships

“Investing in young people through education is important to us at MACU. We know that when we help prepare our youth for the future, we are investing not only in that one student but in the future of our community.”

-Frank Beachnau

The Equifax Breach

A Message from MACU's President

The recent Equifax breach is a painful reminder that identity theft can happen to anyone. It’s important to know what you can do to help prevent becoming a victim as well as what to do in the event that it occurs.