Save Big This Summer

Do you have an upcoming vacation you’re saving for? Or maybe you want a new summer wardrobe, need to pay college tuition for your child, or are saving for a downpayment on that convertible you’ve always wanted. Regardless of what you’re saving for, it can be easy to get started. Making some small changes can really add up! Here’s a few simple tips to help you get started:

Deposit on the go

AT MACU, we want banking to be as convenient as possible for you. Our ATMs are undergoing some programming updates during the week of June 25 at all three of our branches (Portage, Ohio St. and Woodland). After the updates,
the ATMs will no longer accept deposits. However, you can still make deposits on the go! In fact, it will be faster than ever! Simply use our drop box. Drop in your deposit envelope, and that's it! No waiting. No punching in numbers. Just drop and go. It's that easy!

Boost Your Credit Score

Spring is in the air, and it’s time to do some spring cleaning of your credit score. If yours is suffering, there are several ways to make strides in raising your score. Remember, the higher your credit, the lower the interest rate you’ll receive on loans. So, start working on getting your credit up, so you will have a nice, low rate when you make your next large purchase.

New Partnership Gives You Access to FREE Education

Because of a new partnership with Digital Defense, MACU members have free access to education. Digital Defense is a provider of risk management and information security solutions.

Members Advantage Credit Union donates $1,500 to Michigan City Salvation Army

Members Advantage Credit Union (MACU) recently donated $1,500 to Michigan City’s Salvation Army. The money will help further the Salvation Army’s mission in Michigan City, which includes, among other outreaches, helping feed nearly 800 local families.

Wipe Out Holiday Debt

Need a little help getting out from under holiday debt? Consolidate your debt into one payment and take advantage of low-interest rates.

Giving Back

This year, MACU employees were able to donate $2 on Fridays to wear blue jeans. That money, along with the generous contributions of our members, was combined for a total of $2,004.72 that was presented to the American Cancer Society Relay for Life.

Board Elections

The MACU Nominating Committee submitted the following two names to be placed on the 2018 Board of Directors ballot: Ben Neitzel and Jack Van Etten

MACU College Scholarships

“Investing in young people through education is important to us at MACU. We know that when we help prepare our youth for the future, we are investing not only in that one student but in the future of our community.”

-Frank Beachnau

The Equifax Breach

A Message from MACU's President

The recent Equifax breach is a painful reminder that identity theft can happen to anyone. It’s important to know what you can do to help prevent becoming a victim as well as what to do in the event that it occurs.