Introducing Teen Banking

A message from MACU's President, Frank Beachnau.

I am very excited to introduce you to our newest product coming out later this year – Teen Banking.

The Teen Banking checking and savings accounts are tailored for teenagers ages 13-17 to help them learn financial responsibility. As a credit union, we look for ways to serve every member of our community and that includes kids and teens. Children 12 and under are learning the benefits of saving through our Penny Panda Savers Club. However, we wanted to fill the gap between Penny Panda and our regular Kasasa checking and savings accounts. Therefore, we developed out a product that would serve teens while helping to teach them financial responsibility.

With parental permission, teens will have the option to receive a debit card with their checking account. Under the watchful eye of their parents, they can learn the fine art of budgeting and balance, taking care of expenses, being charitable, saving, and having some spending money. There’s nothing better than real-life experience to teach valuable lessons that will aid in teens growing into financially responsible and savvy adults.

In addition to the accounts, we have partnered with a Banzai to offer teens financial resources that promote literacy. Banzai provides users a free online platform to access resources designed to be engaging and fun for children and
teenagers. Through videos, games, articles, and more, Banzai will help teens practice real-life scenarios. They will also learn how best to stay on top of day-to-day finances, as well as become forward thinking about their own financial futures. To check out Banzai, visit

Wednesday, 02 October 2019 20:25