New Seasons & Opportunities

A Message from MACU's President

Winter weather has definitely hit us over the past few months, and we even had to close our branches for a day and a half due to record low temperatures. Our team certainly appreciates the patience you showed during that time! Now that winter is beginning to be in the rearview mirror, we are excited to be venturing into spring!

This newsletter, we want to highlight our new referral program and educate you on a product you may not be familiar with – Certificate of Deposit (CD).

Referral Program
Recently, we launched our new member referral program. The new program, available for a limited time, rewards you as the member, as well as the person you refer with $100 each. To qualify, your friend or family member will need to open savings and checking accounts and set up direct deposit. Then for the next two months in a row, the new member will need to make 12 debit card transactions and log into e-statements. Since most people are already using debit cards significantly more than 12 times per month and logging into their e-statements more than once, qualifications are fairly easy to meet.

If you’re ready to share your love of MACU with family and friends, visit our website at, click on the “Why MACU” tab and then choose “Refer a Friend.” There you will find the downloadable referral form. Or, if it’s easier, swing by your branch and fill one out there.

Certificate of Deposits (CDs)*
A Certificate of Deposit, commonly referred to as a CD, is a savings tool that helps you yield a higher return on your money than a traditional savings account. The CD has a fixed rate and a fixed withdrawal date (maturity date), so money cannot be withdrawn before your maturity date, or you are penalized. The goal of a CD is to put a specific amount of money in your CD for a specified amount of time and not touch it until the date of maturity. The term, or length of time, can vary. At MACU, we offer CDs with terms as short as 6 months and up to as long as 84 months. CD rates are currently nearing 3.00% APY – a great rate of return on your savings!

If you’re getting a tax refund this year, a CD is a great way to save and grow that money! For more information on CDs or to open one, please visit your local branch, and we will get you started!

Finally, please take note that we have our next Shred Day coming up on June 1, 2019. You’ll find more information inside this newsletter and online. Also, if you haven’t heard via e-blast or social media, we have made getting a MACU loan much easier for our members. You can now apply right through your online banking account and submit your loan application without having to come into the branch.

We are looking forward to some warmer weather and serving you this spring!
Frank Beachnau, President

Tuesday, 02 April 2019 15:39