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MACU Once Again a Drop-off Site for MC Back to School Rally

MACU is once again a drop-off site for the Michigan City Back to School Rally. Help our kids get off to a great start for the 2019-2020 school year. Please consider contributing!

Top Tips for Lowering Your Car Loan A.P.R.

Ready for that new summer ride? Before you sign on the dotted line, here are some quick tips for keeping your A.P.R. low and saving you a bundle over the lifetime of your loan.

New: Loans for Your Lifestyle

As life changes and the needs of our members change, we strive to offer products and services designed to make your life easier. That is why we recently launched a series of lifestyle loans that will enhance your life - no matter what season you’re in. From wedding loans to pet medical loans and everything in between, we have you covered. In this summer’s newsletter, I wanted to take a minute to introduce you to the full scope of available lifestyle loans, so when the time comes, you know that we have just what you need.

Spring Home Repairs

Every spring, the weather starts warming up, our energy levels rise, and we get the motivation we need to make those necessary home improvements we’ve been putting off all winter. But, where does the money come from to cover the larger upfront costs?

At MACU, Giving Back is Paramount

As a credit union, MACU is a locally- run, not-for-profit. That means that means much of the money generated is cycled back into the communities we love. Below are just a few ways that MACU was able to give back. Additionally, many of our board members make it a practice to enhance our community. We thank them for all they do!