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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Your New Visa Card

Notification of payees:

Should I notify companies that I am set up to pay automatically with my existing VISA and have a new card number?

YES. You will need to notify companies that you are currently paying automatically with your VISA and that you have a new card number so that they can update their records.


How to make a Payment:

Will I still be able to make my VISA payment at the branch? 

Here are two payment options for making a payment on your new VISA Card:

1. You will be able to send your payment to the address below:

        Cardmember Service

        PO Box 790408

        St. Louis, MO 63179-0408

2. Go to the MACU website (, go under Products and Services, then Credit Cards, and make a credit card payment. You can make payments once you add the routing number and account number you wish the Visa payment to come from. 


Card Usage:

How soon can I start using my new card that was recently mailed to me?

Once you activate your new card, you may use it immediately. Please destroy your old card once you have registered your new Visa Card. Your old card will no longer work as of 2/22/24.


I never received my new Visa Card:

What should I do if I still need to receive my new Visa Card?

Call Cardmember Service 24/7 at 1-800-558-3424 and request a replacement card.






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