Save Big This Summer

Do you have an upcoming vacation you’re saving for? Or maybe you want a new summer wardrobe, need to pay college tuition for your child, or are saving for a downpayment on that convertible you’ve always wanted. Regardless of what you’re saving for, it can be easy to get started. Making some small changes can really add up! Here’s a few simple tips to help you get started:

1. Ditch the car, and take a walk or bike ride. You’ll save on gas, and it’s good for the environment.

2. Skip the AC, or turn it up. For each degree, you’ll save an estimated 3% on your bill. A programmable thermostat can make this change easy!

3. Start a fun family project by planting a garden. You’ll get great exercise working your garden, and you’ll save on groceries, too!

4. Become a coupon guru. There are lots of websites that offer coupons, and using store apps like the Walmart Savings Catcher, Target Cartwheel or Meijer’s mPerks can really add up!

5. Look for sources of free entertainment. Summer is a great time to hit the beach, go hiking or take in a free concert or festival.

6. Get rid of the clutter, and hold a garage sale. It’s a fun way to get the house in shape and make a little extra cash.

7. Showcase your grill skills by cooking outside on the grill. It keeps the house from getting too hot and eliminates the cost of running indoor appliances.

8. Turn down your hot water heater. Most likely you won’t even notice the difference, but you’ll see it in your utility bill.

9. Start meal planning. Having a good plan for the week eliminates last minute temptations. Don’t forget to include lunches in your plan.

10. Skip the gym membership, and exercise in the great outdoors. Take up hiking, walking or biking and avoid the monthly fee.

11. Set up automatic savings right from your MACU checking account! Chances are, you won’t even notice what you are missing.

Wednesday, 27 June 2018 18:49