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MACU voted #1 Credit Union in Michigan City

Thank you, Michigan City, for voting us #1 credit union! We are honored and humbled to be recognized for getting to serve our community!  

Members Advantage: 55 years of staying true to its name

MICHIGAN CITY — After 55 years, Members Advantage Credit Union still stays true to its name.

“We always try to put ourselves in our members’ shoes and consider how we would like to be treated,” President Frank Beachnau said.

Home Equity Can Pay for School

Trying to fund your child’s college education can be difficult. But, we can help and save you thousands in the process!

Become a Savings Superhero

If you are like most Americans, having your finances completely buttoned up may not be your strong suit. In fact, the statistics about Americans and finances are downright shocking. But, you don’t have to be a statistic. We’re here to help.

Senior Discounts - Live Larger in Retirement

According to AARP, embracing your inner retiree can save you money. By shopping on certain days or asking for a discount, you can save a bundle. Here are great tips to get you started.