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Volunteer Opportunity
April 2017

Members Advantage Credit Union is seeking volunteers who wish to be considered for future opportunities to serve on the MACU Supervisory Committee. To learn out more about serving on the Supervisory Committee or to submit your resume and letter of interest, please email†supercomm@macuonline.org. Call (219) 874-6943 for more information.

Important Notice regarding your Debit/ATM card
August 2015

Members Advantage Credit Union like a number of other local financial institutions have seen increases in debit card fraud locally and nationwide. †For your protection against potential debit card fraud, we have temporarily enhanced the approval settings on our debit and ATM card transactions locally and outside the State of Indiana unless a PIN is used during the transaction.*†If you will be using your card outside the State of Indiana you may want to contact us (Ph. 877-874-6943) during normal business hours to have your card added to our exception list so that you will still be able to do signature based transactions with your card.† If you need to contact us after-hours, please email us at service@macuonline.org and we will review your request the next business day.

We hope all of our members understand that we take these measures to protect our members and the credit union from fraud losses that ultimately could result in members paying higher rates on loans and receiving lower dividends on shares.

* Certain transactions although physically occurring in the State of Indiana may have the card transaction routed for approval to an out-of-state processoróresulting in the transaction being declined unless the PIN is used.

A PIN will be required on the following types of transactions:

  • Department Stores
  • Drug Stores
  • Convenience Stores
  • Inside gas stations
  • Walmart
  • Target
  • 3 transactions from the same store, on the same day (O.K.)-however any 4th transaction will be denied.
  • Hammond and Munster Area transactions, except for transactions conducted at restaurants.

The above are examples of when a PIN will be required, however this not an all-encompassing list of when a PIN will be required.